How Do You Know If You Have Damaged Your Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendon problems are very common and can be either acute injuries where you might hear a snapping sound or feel like you have been kicked in the calf, or experience sudden pain and swelling. A common chronic problem also result in gradual increase in pain levels following activity.

How a damaged Achilles tendon affects your life

The Achilles tendon is vital in the proper functioning of our legs and feet. Any problem in that area may severely limit our mobility and cause us discomfort and pain. Not to mention how frustrating it is to be limited or restricted from doing our normal daily activities.

What happens during the treatment

We will review your medical history and conduct a series of tests to figure out what happened and the root cause of the pain and injury. We will also assess how the injury affects your movement and any concerns you might have. Exclusive one-on-one sessions are important here to ensure full attention and the best outcome.

A personalised treatment plan will then be created according to your specific condition, goals and priorities. This personalised plan is crucial because patients have varying risk factors (e.g. age, lifestyle, participation in recreational sports and activities). In addition, many patients want to stay physically active while undergoing treatment. Other forms of exercise that don’t put stress to the damaged tendons will be recommended. The treatment plan may be modified as the Achilles tendon heals and as you return to your normal activities.

As with most things, early assessment and treatment is always better. A small problem is much easier to fix than a big one! Secondly, when tendon problems become chronic there are actual changes to the tissues of the tendon which then result in longer healing time – don’t worry we can help with that too, but treatment/recovery times are just a little different and more prolonged.

It is important to note that not all injuries result in damage, and pain is not necessarily an indicator of damage – this is what we as physiotherapists can assess and help you with. It’s our job and our passion to get you moving again!