Massage at Peak

Each of our therapists are not only fully qualified remedial massage therapists (this means they have studied for a minimum of two years), but have been hand selected by our head physio for both their excellent manual skills and superior knowledge of the body and how it functions. Massage therapists are a dime a dozen, but good therapists are extremely hard to find. All our therapists are highly talented and we guarantee that the massage you receive will be of the highest quality. In addition our massage therapists all have extensive training and experience in the health and fitness industries and will discuss your needs and goals and provide advice on how to minimise pain and lessen the likelihood of having recurring injuries.

Our therapists are skilled in the provision of a variety of massage modalities and draw on these to tailor a massage experience to your specific needs, whether it is tension relief, or management of training and recovery.

Our therapists specialise in:

  • Sports Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Treatment and relief of headaches
  • Postural tension and strain through the neck and shoulders
  • Pregnancy massage -with our specialised pregnancy cushion for optimal comfort
  • Massage for runners
  • Massage for CrossFitters

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