Pelvic Floor Rehab Program

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floors – Individualised Pelvic Floor Rehab Program 

While life is forcing us all to slow down or at least spend more time at home, this is the perfect time to prioritise the health of your pelvic floor. Whether it is something you never quite got around to after having kids, or something that has always been an issue for you now is the perfect time to commit to improving this. Pelvic floor health is so often overlooked in women’s health, but really does play such a big role in all of the movements in everyday life and activities, and overall quality of life.

Our 8 week ‘Pelvic Floor Rehab’ program is individualised to each of our patients, but all will include an online initial appointment with our physio and resident women’s health expert, Jess, who will run through your history and diagnose any pelvic floor symptoms to come up with a program created just for you. You will be prescribed exercises through an easy to use (and free!) app, where you can see videos and demonstrations, as well as check off the movements as you do them, you can also stay in unlimited contact with Jess this way. At the half-way mark you will have a check in appointment online with Jess to check your progress and upgrade your exercises and level up your program for the next four weeks. At the conclusion of the eight week program you will have a final online appointment for advice on appropriate exercises and plan of action for you moving forward.

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What it includes:

– Initial online appointment to find out about your unique history, and any symptoms and screen for causes to be able to prescribe a program that is appropriate for YOU. Every woman is different, and has different pelvic floor rehab needs.

– Four weeks of exercises delivered via a snazzy little app to your phone.

– Unlimited message access to Jess via the app if you get stuck on anything.

– A check in appointment at the four week point to assess your progress and upgrade your program.

– Further four weeks of exercises delivered to your phone + continued message access to Jess.

– A final online appointment at the conclusion of the eight weeks to assess progress, and prescribe further exercises and a plan of attack for you moving forward.

The total program cost is $299, less than the usual cost of an initial and two follow-up physio appointments and includes the eight weeks of exercises and as much support and contact with Jess as you need (don’t worry – she’s a mum and is super passionate about pelvic health so is always happy to chat and help you out!).

Register for it here, there is no better time than now to do this for yourself!