Run Proof Your Body Program

An 8 week program designed to build up a base of strength and control so that you can run further with more efficiency and lowered risk of injury 

Here at Peak we’ve noticed patients are running more than ever, and for good reason too, people are making the most of their limited time outside and lack of access to gyms. Increased volume of running, whether it be frequency or duration of runs, leads to an increased risk of injury. If you’ve found that your knees are getting sore, or maybe you have pain in the arches or heels of your feet, or started struggling with calf issues, you’ve come to the right place.

The 8 week ‘Run Proof Your Body’ program will give you unlimited access to physio Jess, who you’ll meet online in your first assessment consultation, where she will go over your history and past issues with running or physical activity, to determine any weak areas and inefficiencies. During this initial appointment you will set goals and targets, and be given physio approved at home exercises, shared through a free app which can be checked off daily. At the halfway mark, you’ll have another online appointment with your physio to see how you’re progressing and to upgrade your program. During the 8th week you’ll have a final online appointment with Jess to reassess your weak points, and to answer the question, have you reached your goals and targets? Finally, you will be prescribed a running program and Jess can advise future exercises.

Register for the program here.

What it includes:

– Initial online appointment to identify weak areas and goals. From this Jess will design a personalised strengthening program for you to complete.

– Four weeks of exercises delivered via a snazzy little app to your phone

– Unlimited message access to Jess via the app if you get stuck on anything

– A check in appointment at the four week point to assess your progress and upgrade your program

– Further four weeks of exercises delivered to your phone + continued message access to Jess

– A final online appointment at the conclusion of the eight weeks to assess progress, and prescribe further exercises and running program.

The total program cost is $299, less than the usual cost of an initial and two follow-up physio appointments and includes the eight weeks of exercises and as much support and contact with Jess as you need (don’t worry – she’s a runner and is always happy to chat about running!).

Register for it here, and happy running!!