Runners Workshop

Run more efficiently, run injury free and become a stronger, better, faster runner!

About this event

Wednesday 16th June 2021
5:30pm – 7:00pm

In this workshop we will look at the most common technical faults that lead to impaired performance and/or injury to runners, and teach you how to strengthen and train these problem areas. We will also discuss common training errors that usually result in injury and teach you how to avoid them. We will also briefly cover some myofascial release techniques that every runner should be using to help with their recovery.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in running, you might be training for your first event, or have several races under your belt. You might have been injured in the past and keen to prevent it from happening again; you might never have been injured; or are injured now. This is your chance to improve your running and have your questions answered!

This is a highly practical workshop, so make sure you wear something you are comfortable moving around in. There will be places to change on site if you need too.


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