Why Do I Have Weak Knees?

Having weak knees can make you feel stable and even afraid of falling anytime. It’s a serious risk because a single fall can result in a serious injury that might take months to heal.

Weak knees can also stop you from exercising, staying active and truly enjoying the outdoors. It can even make going up and down the stairs difficult and frightening. As a result, the knees that should enable you to move are the ones that really stop you.

Why do I have weak knees?

It might be because of an injury due to overexertion or an awkward movement and accident. A meniscus or key cartilage might have torn because of the high level of impact. Another common cause is nerve damage which could have resulted from diabetes, arthritis or a neurological disorder. Other causes are inflammation, multiple sclerosis and partial or total dislocation of the kneecap.

Whichever is the cause, it’s crucial and urgent to figure it out as soon as possible. This way you’ll receive an appropriate treatment right away. There’s the urgency because feeling unsafe and unstable in your knees can greatly affect your life’s quality. Also, another single awkward movement can make it all worse and more painful.

The treatment may include surgery, exercises, remedial massage and physiotherapy. How long and what kind of treatment you’ll receive will depend on the root cause and your general health condition (e.g. age, mobility, fitness, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). The tailored treatment is important because each patient has varying health conditions and lifestyles.

The exercises and physiotherapy are progressive because our bodies take time to heal. The goal is to get you active again with confidence. It will start nice and slow until your body is ready for the usual daily activities (or your regular exercise and sports activities). Another goal is to better manage the pain and prevent recurrence as much as possible.

That’s what we regularly do here at Peak Health Services. As a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, we’re committed to only applying science-based practices so that our patients achieve the best outcome. People from Surry Hills, Zetland and surrounds choose us because of our people-centred approach. Phone us today at 02 9698 3333 if you want to strengthen your knees and go back to an active lifestyle.